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WE Mass Merch Mentality Trend Report

Jun 30 2022

It might be assumed that big box shopping behaviors just wouldn’t be impacting young consumers in Western Europe, where Walmart and Target don’t have a hold on shoppers the way they do in North America. But while it might look slightly different in this region, the reality is that mass merch shopping is a huge part of their retail behaviors, and the fact that Amazon and retailers like Primark have been providing affordable and accessible everything to these gens for their entire lives has unquestionably altered their view of shopping, brands, and splurging.

YPulse’s WE Mass Merch Mentality report uncovers how growing up with mass march has reshaped young people’s shopping preferences, how these preferences are changing the rules of retail, and how they view brands

Download the full report for insights on:

  • Why Millennials and Gen Z are shopping at specialist stores (more than another other store) but big box is catching on
  • What type of retail products young consumers are looking for and the influence social media has in driving their desirability and popularity
  • How young people’s mass merch mentality has recalibrated their definition of luxury and changed their perception of brands
  • Spotlight pages with insights and analysis on the shopping behaviors and preferences of Gen Z, Millennials, LGBTQ+ and Parents

Report length: 43 page

Based on a survey of 1300 13-39-year-olds in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy, fielded April 2022

Additional survey content for Pro users: How Gen Z and Millennials describe the type of clothes they buy, their store preferences and attitudes toward shopping at small businesses,  statements around how fashion when they were growing up, and how many are actively following trends. 

Survey content for Pro users also includes data split by the following demographics: Gender & Generation, Age Groups, Academic Status, Country, Urban/Rural Status, LGBTQ+, and Parent