NEW GEN Z 101: Unlock & Outlast Microtrends

YPulse Pro Data

Expertly curated data and insights on Gen Z and Millennials

All YPulse survey results are housed in the interactive dashboards below, and each allows you to customize the data to match the demographics of your target audience, compare key stats across vital subgroups, visualize trends over time, and more.

Brand Tracker

Analyze the ongoing measurement of young consumers’ brand affinity to 1,000+ brands in North America and Western Europe, across 20 youth-specific diagnostics.

Behavioral Data

Explore ongoing survey results behind all Behavioral Reports to reveal the behaviors and views shaping young peoples’ daily lives, from shopping, to tech use, to lifestyle and beyond.

Trend Data

Dive into the data behind all Trend Reports, which detail the major cultural shifts that young consumers are fueling, and the deeper changing views impacting brands.

Getting Started with Pro Data

Get started with tutorial videos, support articles, and FAQs to best leverage the YPulse Pro Data.

YPulse Brand
Tracker 101

Watch this introductory overview of the YPulse Brand Tracker, the survey methodology & data, the brands & metrics tracked, and outline of the dashboard views.

Understanding the Brand Measures

Learn more about the YPulse brand tracking metrics of Mindshare, Net Purchase Intent, Purchase Intent Likelihood, and YScore+ (and the 20 individual diagnostic measures).

Best Ways to Leverage the Survey Data Dashboards

Whether you’re in customization or exploration mode, we’re sharing some of our best ways to use and integrate the Behavioral and Tend Data Dashboards into your regular YPulse workflow.