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Music Report

Nov 03 2021

Nearly two years into the pandemic, young people’s media consumption has changed significantly—and that includes music. Listening habits were already shifting before lockdowns, but now we’re seeing more reliance than ever on digital platforms for young people to discover and consume music, and for artists and brands to reach them.

This report dives into the impacts COVID has had on young people’s music consumption, how they are discovering new music now, and the platforms that are emerging as go-to spaces for music listening and marketing.

Download the full report for insights on: 

  • How the pandemic has shifted young consumers’ listening habits
  • How young consumers are listening to and discovering music now
  • The platforms that are transforming music listening, discovery, and marketing

Report length: 13 pages

Based on a survey of 1450 13-39-year-olds in the U.S. and Canada, fielded in August 2021 

All surveys fielded after June 1, 2021 are expanded to a North American sample and totals now reflect the views of 13-39-year-olds in both the U.S. and Canada

Additional survey content for Pro users: The devices they’re using to listen to music the most, the music genres they enjoy listening to, the music content and experiences they’ve paid for in the past year, and how they feel about virtual concerts.

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